What’s Trending? (Men’s Edition)

Welcome to What’s Trending Men’s Edition page! Several realistic styles from around the world will be featured here to inspire and to help stylize your Poptropican for 2015.


1. [gigya src=”http://static.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/charEmbed.swf?a=aRjU5ODFnWm1GemFHbHZibUpzYjJjeU1ERTE=” ‘transparent’ width=’169′ height=’236′]

A clean, crisp, and stylish choice, this outfit promises elegance and youthfulness. It comes with a plush handmade striped scarf, comfortable fitting shirt and pants, and a clean midnight black leather belt with buckle. Followed by a modern pompadour hairstyle look, you can stroll the streets of Poptropica with comfort and an attractive style.


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