DIY Fashionable Poptropicans! (Rare’s page)

Welcome to the DIY Fashionable Poptropicans Rare’s Page! Here, you will be able to learn a few helpful tips and tricks to help you get the style that you want on your Poptropican!

The SUI (Sound Updated Island) Cheat-

Have you ever been to an island like Time Tangled or Mythology? They have endless arrays of exotic styles being worn by the island characters. However, most of the trendiest and stylish pieces are unobtainable leaving you with barely anything to work with. This cheat changes that. (Before you go to a SUI or Sound Updated Island, make sure you have a few costumes in your costume inventory so you are able to do this cheat. To get these costumes, go to the store and purchase one or two. Some of them are for free.) 

Step 1. First, go to any of the SUI’s in Poptropica (the islands with the sound and color) and stand by any island character you wish to customize the costume or accessory from.

Step 2. Hover your cursor over the Menu Box on the top right of your screen and click on it.

Step 3. As soon as you click on it, you will have many icons fall out of the box and onto your screen. Click the Brown Inventory Bag.

Step 4. There will be three icons showing a blimp, trophy, and a green coin. Click the Green Coin. You will then see the costume cards you have received or purchased from the store from the beginning.

Step 5. Next, click Customize on the costume card and then click the Poptropican Icon under the green T-shirt on the left of your screen.

Step 6. As soon as you click the Poptropican icon, Click on the Character that you want to customize from and feel satisfied as you can finally obtain the items or costume you wanted. Do this with almost any Poptropican on the new SUI islands and create rare costumes, fashions, and masterpieces you can show off to fellow Poptropicans!

  • Here is a SUI cheat hint: Go to the middle of the living room in C.J’s house on the new SUI Shrink Ray Island. When you do the cheat, the shrink ray bandit will appear out of nowhere and you will be able to customize the whole costume!

The Friends Handheld Gltich-

Have you ever seen one of your friends in your Poptropica friends list have a nice handheld item you just got to have? The problem is that once you try to customize that character, uh-oh! The handheld disappears. How are you going to get it now? Here is a helpful tip. (This glitch works with only customizable handhelds.)

Step 1. Go to your Friends List and click on a member or anyone who has a few costumes in their closet.

Step 2. Next, click on the Closet of that friend and click on any character who is wearing a costume or saved outfit.

Step 3. Next, instead of pressing accept, immediately click on the Blimp Icon which will make you exit your friends list.

Step 4. Go right back to your friends list and quickly click on the First Person that shows up and Scroll to the Right.

Step 5. When you find someone in your friends list as you are scrolling right with a customizable handheld you like, click on that person and the handheld will magically appear as expected. Then simply customize it from that friend and now you have it! A fun and easy way to finish off a look or outfit.

Rare ASG’s (Avatar Studio Glitches)-

With over 500,000 account ever created on Poptropica, here are some of the rarest and very hard to find avatar studio glitch gems:

  • keithsammut36 (rare Monster High skull belt)

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